About The Editor

Millennial Falcons was founded by editor Lucy O’Connor. After spending over 8 years working in the television, entertainment and music sectors, Lucy found her real passions: writing and connecting people to grow a community. A millennial herself, she was dismayed by the huge amount of negative press that the millennial generation garners – from how they spend too much on avocado toast and smart phones to the ‘entitlement’ that millennials have when they simply want to progress in the workplace. In order to combat the negative image, Lucy founded Millennial Falcons as a way to promote the good that millennials are doing in the world and to provide a source of inspiration for millennials who might need a bit of pep in their step. MF was designed to be a one-stop shop for advice, personal essays, wisdom, entertainment, events and news as well as profiles of ‘Falcons’ – millennials who are killing it in their chosen career or vocation. Lucy believes that the sky’s the limit for millennials and would love for you to join the community she’s creating – whether you’re a millennial or not! If you’re a fan, sign up to the mailing list in the sidebar, if you have a question or would like to become a contributor for Millennial Falcons send an email to wearemillennialfalcons@gmail.com