Did You Have A Big Weekend? Here’s How To Fix It

So you had a crazy weekend – cocktails with friends on Friday night, the bf’s birthday dinner on Saturday night and family lunch out on Sunday. It’s always lovely to enjoy life and have fun but big celebratory meals, late nights and maybe too much social can start to wear you out after a while. Monday rolls around and you’re going back to work with a bloated belly, tired, poor skin and a bit of a grumpy mood. No wonder you don’t want to get out of bed when the alarm goes off! Here’s how to get back on track and detox from that hectic weekend in one day.

Wake up early.

I’m sorry, what?! But yes, get on up out of bed early and you’re setting yourself up for success. Leave time for a nice, hot shower and make up a bowl of healthy porridge or poached eggs. Eating something that will give you a slow release of energy is the best way to get yourself going after a big weekend. On Monday morning, focus on getting yourself ready to hit the desk – get your bag packed, get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Don’t look at emails or social media when you first wake up – leave it for your commute. If you really need more time to rest, do a quick 5 minute meditation instead of pressing the snooze button.

Soothe your eyes.

They’re one of the first places to show signs of tiredness and health-neglect. So use any of the old wives’ tale remedies (think cold spoons in the freezer or cold tea bags) to reduce under-eye swelling or invest in under-eye patches or a cooling eye mask. You’ll feel instantly refreshed (and look refreshed, more importantly!).

Make your commute fun (and survive it!).

If you aren’t driving, read a book or if you are, listen to some pop music to wake you up further on your commute into work. Tune in to your favourite podcast and forget about your train delays! Bring some fruit-infused water and try to finish the bottle before you get your first coffee. If you feel up to it, get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way – the fresh air and the movement will make you feel so much better.

Have snacks on hand.

No, not those kind of snacks! I don’t know about you, but when I’ve had a big weekend and there’s potato chips or birthday cake in the office, I just want to dive straight in! But having healthy snacks on your desk that will help carry you through the day means that you can comfortably say ‘no’ to the unhealthy options. Try out carrot sticks and hummus or even just apple slices with peanut butter. Weekends can be treat days but we need to stay balanced and healthy throughout the week to bounce back from a bit too much indulgence.

Use your lunch break wisely.

Make sure you opt for something nutritious, nourishing and healthy. Not just a boring salad, grab a healthy burrito bowl or fresh sashimi. Get out of the workplace and get in a walk around the area and get some fresh air!

Take your dinner home with you.

If you think you’ll be tempted to have toast or poptarts or unhealthy UberEats, then pick something up on the way home for your dinner. A healthy soup or protein-rich salad is a much healthier take-home option. That way you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen and you won’t be ordering unhealthy takeaway.

Have some Me Time.

It’s tempting to just put on your PJs and watch Netflix for the rest of the night but instead check into the spa-at-home. Get an Epsom Salt bath going, grab your favourite book or magazine or even just a meditation app and wireless earphones and just soak and relax for half an hour. Spend a bit of extra time on your skincare routine and maybe put on a face mask to undo some of the surface stress that could be showing on your skin. Then pop on your PJs, grab your nourishing dinner and unwind in front of the TV.

Don’t undo the detox.

If you’ve had a healthy, detoxing day after a big weekend, don’t undo your efforts by having a glass of wine or staying up late – as tempting as that may be! Go to bed at an early hour, put on rich night moisturiser, and get your outfit and bag ready for tomorrow to give you a little extra time to relax in the morning. You’re back to doing life right!

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